Business Spotlight: The Resource Room

Business Spotlight: The Resource Room

Like the recession before it, the ongoing pandemic has undermined conventional wisdom surrounding college degrees and so-called “secure” jobs. When discussing the opening of The Resource Room, Jamie said, “I followed the rules, I got the degrees, I got the job and this happens and where’s the security? It doesn’t actually exist. So I decided this summer, I’m going to leave higher education, I’m going to put all my effort into this.”

Previously, Jamie worked as an academic advisor. She enjoyed helping students explore their interests, select their classes, and ultimately get them started on their career paths. During this time, Jamie started The Resource Room as a side project. Its goal was an extension of what she did as an academic advisor: help people discover their best selves and promote personal growth.

When the pandemic hit, the illusion of a secure job shattered. In summer of 2020, Jamie’s employer deemed it necessary to furlough workers; she volunteered, knowing she could take the hit better than some of her colleagues. This gave her the opportunity to put all her time and energy into The Resource Room. During the last few days of her furlough, the idea of going back tied her stomach in knots. Not only was there the dread of going back, but she also knew people who were genuinely following their passions and she questioned why she wasn’t. In the summer of 2020, Jamie decided to take the leap and devote herself wholly to The Resource Room.

The Resource Room combines Jamie’s desire to help nurture growth in others with her interest in art. As a kid, Jamie wanted to be an artist like her late father. It was through his art that Jamie got to know and connect with her father. In that spirit, she aids local independent artists in doing what they love and make a living doing it. The Resource Room not only offers artists a place to work and some supplies to do so, but also a place to display and sell their work. Jamie set up The Resource Room to follow a consignment model. Under this model, The Resource Room takes a percentage of sales to cover operational costs and artists aren’t charged anything up front to display their work.

As a lifelong dabbler in all things creative, Jamie knows how expensive getting into a new creative pursuit can be. As such, The Resource Room is also available to the general public to try new things. Some supplies Jamie readily has on hand and can be used at no extra cost; simply schedule a time to use the room. Other things, like t-shirt or button making, will have extra costs associated with them and/or visitors may need to bring their own supplies. The Resource Room is also available for private parties as well.

If you would like to learn more about what The Resource Room has to offer, what they have for sale in their gallery and gift shop, scheduling a time use the space, or displaying your artwork, visit for more details.