Business Spotlight: The Resource Room

Resource Room: Jamie Shepherd

Business Spotlight: The Resource Room

Like the recession before it, the ongoing pandemic has undermined conventional wisdom surrounding college degrees and so-called “secure” jobs. When discussing the opening of The Resource Room, Jamie said, “I followed the rules, I got the degrees, I got the job and this happens and where’s the security? It doesn’t actually exist. So I decided this summer, I’m going to leave higher education, I’m going to put all my effort into this.”

Previously, Jamie worked as an academic advisor. She enjoyed helping students explore their interests, select their classes, and ultimately get them started on their career paths. During this time, Jamie started The Resource Room as a side project. Its goal was an extension of what she did as an academic advisor: help people discover their best selves and promote personal growth.

When the pandemic hit, the illusion of a secure job shattered. In summer of 2020, Jamie’s employer deemed it necessary to furlough workers; she volunteered, knowing she could take the hit better than some of her colleagues. This gave her the opportunity to put all her time and energy into The Resource Room. During the last few days of her furlough, the idea of going back tied her stomach in knots. Not only was there the dread of going back, but she also knew people who were genuinely following their passions and she questioned why she wasn’t. In the summer of 2020, Jamie decided to take the leap and devote herself wholly to The Resource Room.

The Resource Room combines Jamie’s desire to help nurture growth in others with her interest in art. As a kid, Jamie wanted to be an artist like her late father. It was through his art that Jamie got to know and connect with her father. In that spirit, she aids local independent artists in doing what they love and make a living doing it. The Resource Room not only offers artists a place to work and some supplies to do so, but also a place to display and sell their work. Jamie set up The Resource Room to follow a consignment model. Under this model, The Resource Room takes a percentage of sales to cover operational costs and artists aren’t charged anything up front to display their work.

As a lifelong dabbler in all things creative, Jamie knows how expensive getting into a new creative pursuit can be. As such, The Resource Room is also available to the general public to try new things. Some supplies Jamie readily has on hand and can be used at no extra cost; simply schedule a time to use the room. Other things, like t-shirt or button making, will have extra costs associated with them and/or visitors may need to bring their own supplies. The Resource Room is also available for private parties as well.

If you would like to learn more about what The Resource Room has to offer, what they have for sale in their gallery and gift shop, scheduling a time use the space, or displaying your artwork, visit for more details.

Business Spotlight: Massage on Mellwood

Massage on Mellwood: Staff picture

Business Spotlight: Massage on Mellwood

The story of Massage on Mellwood is the story of three different people facing the same problem and finding the same answer. Each was unhappy in their careers. Rather than staying the course, they sought out new careers and found each other in the process.

Before becoming a massage therapist, Tina was a social worker, managing 150 people and loaded with stress. It was only natural when Tina decided to study massage therapy. She knew firsthand the stress relieving power of massage after going for couple’s massages with her husband. She had also learned a bit about massage to help alleviate her husband’s arthritic pain.

Similarly, William also opted to change careers due to the stress levels at his job. William had initially studied massage therapy, but quit part way. After working various jobs, he found himself in restaurant management. Just as Tina had done, William turned to massage for stress relief. Between the toll his job was taking on him and his family’s history of heart issues, William decided to go back and study massage therapy.

For Karli, it wasn’t stress, but rather a lack of passion. After six years in data entry and logistics, Karli knew she needed a change. When she began studying massage therapy, she believed it would serve as a transition to something else. Two weeks into her classes, she discovered massage therapy was her passion.

After each independently chose to pursue massage therapy, Tina, Karli, and William found themselves studying together at Advanced Massage Therapeutics. Once they graduated, they started Massage on Mellwood in December 2019.

While the pandemic has impacted business, as they’re not able to do public events, they’re still able to see clients by appointment. Every room is thoroughly disinfected between sessions. Additionally, clients are only called inside once their session is ready to begin; no one is permitted to wait in the lobby.

From now until Valentine’s Day, Massage on Mellwood is offering two 60-minute massage certificates for $100. To learn more about Massage on Mellwood, the two for $100 special, or to book a session, visit their site at

Business Spotlight: Enchanted Imagery

Danae Winchester in front of dresses

Business Spotlight: Enchanted Imagery

There was never a point in Danae’s life where art and photography weren’t at the forefront. As a kid, she spent countless hours taking pictures. She admits her parents probably spent a fortune on film, but it was well spent as it gave Danae the opportunity to practice and develop her photography skills. While in school, Danae took every art elective course she could, as well as a film photography course in high school. She learned about color theory, composition, lighting, and posing, all of which she brings into her career as a photographer.

After spending time as a wedding photographer, Danae found herself drawn to couture style portraiture, primarily focusing on children and maternity portraits. Danae finds working with children to be extra special as it’s a chance to help elevate a child’s self-esteem. She works to ensure the children are just as excited and eager to get their picture taken as their parents are, even referring to these sessions as “princess sessions.”

Drawing from her love of Renaissance paintings and fancy dresses, as well as her background and experience in art, Danae provides clients with unique and specially tailored photography sessions. Danae storyboards every picture before meeting; sketching out ideas on paper or in her iPad to review with her clients before the shoot.

If you’re interested in seeing more of her work or booking a session with Danae, visit her website at You can also find her on Facebook at Enchanted Imagery or Instagram at @enchantedimagery.

Business Spotlight: John Albert

John Albert

Business Spotlight: John Albert

As a true craftsman, John is driven by a desire to create. With his interest in the fine details and mechanical workings of fountain pens, as well as his background in furniture design and metalsmithing, it was only natural that John started making his own fountain pens.

Always looking to improve, John is regularly experimenting with new techniques, materials, and filling systems. He strives to make as many of the components as he can himself; each pen is not only hand assembled, but largely handcrafted as well. He is work on making his own metal hardware, which includes the nib units, clips, and barrel overlays. He also cuts and machines the blanks himself. You can find more of his work on Instagram at @jalbertlawrence.

Currently, most of John’s pens are made from plastics and acrylics with metal hardware and overlays. Among the various blanks John has at his disposal are vintage blanks he was able to buy from old pen manufacturers, a huge draw for many fountain pen collectors and enthusiasts. Additionally, these vintage blanks have unique patterns not found in those more recently produced.

Business Spotlight: P & P Collectibles

Dennis from P & P Collectibles

Business Spotlight: P & P Collectibles

For Dennis of P & P Collectibles & Antiques, his foray into candle making was a challenge put forward by another candle manufacturer. Prior to making candles, Dennis’ focus was on his antiques business, where he sold candles made by this manufacturer when he was notified that he would no longer be allowed to sell their candles. When told he couldn’t do it on his own, he was determined to prove them otherwise. Four years and thousands of candles later, Dennis is still making and selling candles, as well as essential oils and fragrances, defusers, and beard and hair oil for men, with plans to expand into other products in the future.

P & P Collectibles: Bourbon Barrel Candle Display
P & P Collectibles: Witch's Brew

Dennis’ environmentally friendly candles are made with a blend of soy and coconut waxes, wooden wicks, and come in over 60 different scents derived from essential oils and fragrances, making his candles easier on those who struggle with asthma. He’s best known for his Kentucky-themed scents, which include Bourbon Barrel (housed in custom made clay bourbon barrels courtesy of Betty Blu Pottery), Cherry Tobacco, and Mint Julep. He also has some more unusually named candles, like Hillbilly Homebrew, Witch’s Brew, Terrestrial, and Butt Naked. Be sure to check out his shop here at Mellwood or his online stop on Etsy at

P & P Collectibles: Candles on Shelf
P & P Collectibles: Glass Pigs and Skulls

Business Spotlight: Uneena’s

Business Spotlight: Uneena’s

When Uneena wraps up her workday as an administrative assistant at U of L’s Division of Nephrology and Hypertension, she makes her way to Mellwood to start her fun job: making and selling jewelry. For Uneena, coming into her shop is a way for her to engage her creativity and forget about the stresses of the day.

Uneena's: Jewelry Display
Uneena's: Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and stones
Uneena's: Necklaces
Uneena's: Necklaces in Window Display

While she’s always had a creative streak, Uneena discovered her passion after taking a jewelry making class here at Mellwood 10 years ago. After speaking with the teacher about what she wanted to do with her creations, Uneena opened her studio/shop with her sister, Kay, and began selling their work.

Uneena's: Smart is the new Vibe
Uneena's: Stones

When entering her shop, you’ll find an assortment of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. While some of her glass bead work is still available, Uneena has been transitioning to natural stones and crystals. The gems she works with all carry special meanings and dictate the shape each piece ultimately takes. If you have an idea for a piece or would like to have an existing piece of jewelry further customized, Uneena does take special custom orders. To see more of her work, or to have something custom made, be sure to visit her shop, Uneena’s, here at the Mellwood Art Center.

Business Spotlight: Betty Blu Pottery

Betty Blu Pottery: Betty with Kiln

Business Spotlight: Betty Blu Pottery

The desire to pursue art can develop at any point in life. For some, it’s a lifelong passion. For others, like Betty of Betty Blu Pottery, it’s a more recent calling. For her, it started with a class 12 years ago. While she wasn’t certain it was something she would like, Betty invested in a pottery wheel after the first class so she could practice what she learned between sessions. As a lifelong learner, Betty didn’t stop with pottery. When the pandemic hit, Betty saw an opportunity to expand her skills into stonework, which she now sells alongside her pottery. Among her wares are cups, vases, salt shakers, and polished stones and crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Be sure to stop by her studio in our courtyard to see more of her work. On nice days, you may even catch her outside, working at her wheel.

Betty Blu Pottery: Pottery and Salt Shakers
Betty Blu Pottery: Pottery on Shelf with Animal Figure
Betty Blu Pottery: Pottery on shelf with earrings

Business Spotlight: Designs by The Johnson’s

Designs by The Johnson’s

Sunflower dress

“If it’s something somebody wants custom made, we do it.” That’s the mantra Minniequa Johnson follows. What began with selling some custom work out of her mother-in-law’s boutique shop is slowing growing into something Minniequa sees becoming her full-time gig. She makes many custom items, including t-shirts, tutus, face masks, mugs, tumblers, and wine glasses.


Her passion for custom design work is something she shares with her three kids, who make their own t-shirts and tie-dyes. You can checkout more of Minniequa’s work at @designsbymae or stop by her studio here at Mellwood tomorrow during her grand opening event!

Face Masks

Business Spotlight: Dead Sled Leather Co.

Dead Sled: Jonathan Baker

Business Spotlight: Dead Sled Leather Co.

Ever seen a hearse in the Mellwood Art Center parking lot? It likely belongs to Dead Sled Leather Co. owner, Jonathon Baker. A paramedic for Jeffersontown by day, he is no stranger to the macabre. In fact, his curiosity for the gruesome is the inspiration for his brand. But don’t let the headstone keychain scare you, Jonathan is a skilled artisan in leather goods.

Dead Sled: First Responder Gear
Dead Sled: Sewing Machine
Dead Sled: Barbour Bags

Jonathan crafts a variety of products including belts, wallets, barbour bags, and even gear for firefighters and other paramedics. He wants his customers to know where their stuff comes from and that it’s going to last “‘till your last ride”.

Looking for something American made with high quality leather and craftsmanship? Check out the amazing pieces for sale at

Business Spotlight: It’s a Stitch

It's a Stitch: Ruth

Business Spotlight: It’s a Stitch

It's a Stitch: Framed Article

For Ruth from It’s a Stitch, it’s not about perfectionism, but her passion and a desire to see a job well done. She often goes above and beyond when altering clothes for her clients and will fix any mistakes she sees. With 75 years of experience and having worked in several clothing factories in and around Louisville, Ruth’s expertise can’t be beat! She regularly handles alteration work that others can’t or won’t. While It’s a Stitch specializes in alterations for evening and formal wear, she can make alterations to all types of clothes.