Art Shows and Exhibitions

Art Shows and Exhibitions

Art Ferrier

Current Exhibit: Art Ferrier — “As I See It”

“For around 40 years the main theme of my photography has been, simply stated, beauty. Although there are many photographers whose work I admire and have been influenced by, most of my inspiration comes from painters, including Hopper, Rothko, Mondrian, Matisse, and countless others. When asked what I photograph, my most common reply is “geometry and color.” In this case, I have also included work celebrating one of my other great passions: music and musicians.

“This collection spans many years of capturing beauty, and I hope you enjoy it. All images are displayed in their framed form, and all are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing something, please contact me at (603) 520-5370 or and we can make arrangements.

“I give special thanks to Breathing Color, on whose Elegance Velvet paper the entire collection has been printed, for their help in making this happen. I also thank the folks at Mellwood Art Center, as well as all who have supported my work over the years.”


Past Pigment Gallery Shows

Rebecca Aldammad — “The Vision of Hindsight”

Rebecca Aldammad’s work is often described as emotive and experimental. Not constrained to any given medium, she utilizes any materials available; from henna dye, to physical elements of a frame, or similar sources. The natural stylistic choices she makes bend to whatever fits the piece she creates, at times resulting in a whimsical but somewhat dark aesthetic.

Meredith Michelle — “Release”

Meredith presented a body of work that abandons previous modes of composition and definition. Powerful brushstrokes dance across the canvas in a frenzy of movement, colliding and blending in a reckless form. Moments lost as layers are piled on and washed away, creating the push and pull of a tide within each piece.

Michael King — “Solo”

Michael King displayed abstract expressionist pieces in the Pigment Gallery between August and October 2019. 

Barry Burcaw’s Solo Exhibition

Barry’s striking compositions are dominated by forceful geometric structure and bold saturated colors. Architecture, nature, and his experience serving in the Air Force provide inspiration for Barry’s colorful work. Ended on April 22nd, 2018.

Michael King — “Abstract Expressionism”

Long-time MAEC tenant displayed his captivating abstract paintings in the Pigment Gallery from August 20th to September 30th in 2018.

Tammie Demisse

Tammie displayed her colorful pour paintings in the Pigment Gallery.

Kimberly Sandage — “Metamorphosis”

Kimberly Sandage displayed work in the Pigment Gallery during February of 2019. She has pour paintings of all sizes on display and for sale. She uses the pouring technique to create abstract botanical images in a portion of pieces.

Cassell Kuhns

Louisville native and self-taught artist Cassell Kuhns continues to steadily develop a body of work spanning the past three years, working in a large format painting. The primary focus of his practice is centered on the use of iconography/popular culture, and the exaggeration of depth with color. Kuhns employs the playful nature of texture and color theory throughout this series.

Suyun Son

In her paintings, Suyun tries to free the world from the utilitarian human construct, and express the world in simple yet complex and dynamic dances of colors, lines, shapes, and textures. Her painting is a reconstruction that is not realistic so the viewer can enter a new way of seeing the world. There is no subject and object divide.

Past Art Shows

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  • 2018 Mellwood Interactive Art Show
  • 2018 Spring Art Show
  • 2017 September Art Fair
  • 2017 Spring Art Show
  • 2016 September Art Fair
  • 2015 September Art Fair
  • 2014 September Art Fair
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  • 2007 September Art Fair