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Michael King

Current Exhibit

Michael King

Michael King will display abstract expressionist pieces in the Pigment Gallery from August 2nd until October 2019. 

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Meredith Michelle


            “These works demonstrate an engrossing emotional release, where creativity is poured out, unencumbered by inhibition. Set free from restraint, the process becomes intuitive and produces something altogether more authentic. Within each canvas, the viewer can witness an artist’s liberation from expectation and the burden it bears. 

            As a continuing exploration of that freedom of self-expression, Meredith presents a body of work that abandons previous modes of composition and definition. Observe powerful brushstrokes dancing across the canvas in a frenzy of movement, colliding and blending in a reckless form. See moments lost as layers are piled on and washed away, creating the push and pull of a tide within each piece. This visible energy aims to captivate the viewer and evoke an escape where they can react just as freely.”

“Art is the journey of a free soul.” – Alev Oguz 


Past Pigment Gallery Shows:

 Barry Burcaw’s Solo Exhibition Barry’s striking compositions are dominated by forceful geometric structure and bold saturated colors. Architecture, nature, and his experience serving in the Air Force provide inspiration for Barry’s colorful work. Ended on April 22nd, 2018.

Michael King’s “Abstract Expressionism”
Long-time MAEC tenant displayed his captivating abstract paintings in the Pigment Gallery from August 20th to September 30th in 2018.

Tammie Demisse
Tammie displayed her colorful pour paintings in the Pigment Gallery.

Kimberly Sandage’s “Metamorphosis”

Kimberly Sandage will display work in the Pigment Gallery until February 1st. She has pour paintings of all sizes on display and for sale. She uses the pouring technique to create abstract botanical images in a portion of pieces.

Cassell Kuhns
February 8th – April 2nd
Louisville native and self-taught artist Cassell Kuhns continues to steadily develop a body of work spanning the past three years, working in a large format painting. The primary focus of his practice is centered on the use of iconography/popular culture, and the exaggeration of depth with color. Kuhns employs the playful nature of texture and color theory throughout this series.

Suyun Son

Artist Bio
“My work has been exhibited in Tim Faulkner Gallery, MADS Gallery, North End Café, ALOFT hotel, Litmus Gallery, IMURJ, Carrack, Paint Tipping Gallery, Cary Village Art Circle, Castalia, SunTrust Gallery and others.

Artist Statement
Art is a mode of giving attention to the world. The expression of what is seen through that attention comes through my brush, so it’s expression through the self, but not self-expression. I’m not merely expressing what I feel but what I see through my whole being which includes my feelings. Expression follows attention.

When I give attention to the world, the world is gracious and reveals itself. The world reveals its beautiful harmony of colors, lines, shapes, and textures. And they are dynamic, always moving, never static, always conversing with me.

The basic units of the visual are colors, lines, shapes, and textures. Our mind reconstructs those elements into manageable objects. Our mind is trained to be utilitarian. Everything is given a price and a function. Realism is a utilitarian reconstruction. Realism helps us survive in the world and to an extent, necessary but it neglects the beauty of the world. It doesn’t listen to the world but forces it to serve our needs.

In my paintings, I try to free the world (flowers, sun, sea, seasons, human body) from the utilitarian human construct. I try to express the world in the world’s simple yet complex and dynamic dance of colors, lines, shapes, and textures. There is a profound beauty and mystery in the unity of those elements that make up the world. My painting is a reconstruction that is not realistic so the viewer can enter a new way of seeing and reconstructing the world, that is both faithful to the world and to the self. There is no subject and object divide. If we are respectful, which is the posture of attention, there is only the subject and object dance until the subject and object is both one and different, both leading and being led.”

Birdie Watkins’ “Take Me Home”

“Art for me has always been my outlet for coping with the challenges the universe has thrown at me. My story is no better or worse, no harder or easier than anyone else’s but through my art I am able to let go. Art allows me to release whatever it is that I am working through or feeling at that time and truly allow people to get a look at who I am beyond the life of the party persona that I developed a long time ago as a barrier between my vulnerable side and the majority of the people I encounter. Every piece of art is created with a bit of my soul. Pain, love, defeat, success, every person, every experience and all of the past trauma endured is what inspires what I do.”

Michael King

Past Art Shows:

  • 2019 Mother’s Day Spring Art Show
  • 2018 Mellwood Interactive Art Show
  • 2018 Spring Art Show
  • 2017 September Art Fair
  • 2017 Spring Art Show
  • 2016 September Art Fair
  • 2015 September Art Fair
  • 2014 September Art Fair
  • 2013 September Art Fair
  • 2012 September Art Fair
  • 2011 September Art Fair
  • 2010 September Art Fair
  • 2009 September Art Fair
  • 2008 September Art Fair
  • 2007 September Art Fair