Pigment Gallery (E5)

Pigment Gallery

The Pigment Gallery is perfect for smaller events, from intimate weddings to fashion shows. It is the Mellwood Art Center’s smallest and least expensive rental venue. The gallery also acts as Mellwood’s gallery space and rotates exhibitions from local artists. The room is filled with natural light and features attractive bamboo flooring.

Contact Joalid Jardon at joalid@mellwoodartcenter.com to reserve the Pigment Gallery.


  • Fits 8 round tables (60″)
  • Fits 3 buffet tables (6′ X 30″)
  • Fits 80 chairs
  • Includes a conference table & 8 wooden chairs
  • Natural light from large windows
  • Private restrooms
  • Private kitchen

Pigment Gallery Rates

Damage Deposit: $350

Monday – Thursday (except holidays): $800

Friday and Sunday (January – March): $800

Friday and Sunday (April – December): $1,000

Saturday: $1,000