Business Spotlight: Massage on Mellwood

Business Spotlight: Massage on Mellwood

The story of Massage on Mellwood is the story of three different people facing the same problem and finding the same answer. Each was unhappy in their careers. Rather than staying the course, they sought out new careers and found each other in the process.

Before becoming a massage therapist, Tina was a social worker, managing 150 people and loaded with stress. It was only natural when Tina decided to study massage therapy. She knew firsthand the stress relieving power of massage after going for couple’s massages with her husband. She had also learned a bit about massage to help alleviate her husband’s arthritic pain.

Similarly, William also opted to change careers due to the stress levels at his job. William had initially studied massage therapy, but quit part way. After working various jobs, he found himself in restaurant management. Just as Tina had done, William turned to massage for stress relief. Between the toll his job was taking on him and his family’s history of heart issues, William decided to go back and study massage therapy.

For Karli, it wasn’t stress, but rather a lack of passion. After six years in data entry and logistics, Karli knew she needed a change. When she began studying massage therapy, she believed it would serve as a transition to something else. Two weeks into her classes, she discovered massage therapy was her passion.

After each independently chose to pursue massage therapy, Tina, Karli, and William found themselves studying together at Advanced Massage Therapeutics. Once they graduated, they started Massage on Mellwood in December 2019.

While the pandemic has impacted business, as they’re not able to do public events, they’re still able to see clients by appointment. Every room is thoroughly disinfected between sessions. Additionally, clients are only called inside once their session is ready to begin; no one is permitted to wait in the lobby.

From now until Valentine’s Day, Massage on Mellwood is offering two 60-minute massage certificates for $100. To learn more about Massage on Mellwood, the two for $100 special, or to book a session, visit their site at