Business Spotlight: MesmerEyez

Jaelynn Mitchell in studio

Business Spotlight: MesmerEyez

Starting a side business is more common today than it’s ever been. For many, their side business is where their passion truly lie. For a lucky handful, they can transition their side business into full-time work. Jaelynn of MesmerEyez was able to do just that.

Initially, Jaelynn worked as a bank teller, but her true passion lay in beauty products. In January of 2018, she decided to take a certification course on applying eyelash extensions. Jaelynn saw that this was gaining popularity and believed it was an opportunity to go into business for herself. This was still a bit of a gamble. While this was something she was interested in, it was new to her and she planned to start a side business after completing the course; there were no guarantees this would work out. Fortunately, Jaelynn was able to leave her job as a bank teller and focus solely on MesmerEyez earlier this year.

Jaelynn offers various extensions from classic (normal lash length) to volume (a dramatically long lash length). A client’s first session will be the longest to get the initial set in. Jaelynn applies each extension one at a time, lash by lash. When she first started, it took Jaelynn around three hours to apply the set. Now, she can complete the process in about half the time. Subsequent sessions are shorter, only replacing lashes that fall out as the natural lash they’re anchored to fall out. Additionally, MesmerEyez shares a space with BrowBuzz, owned by Jaelynn’s friend Tishara, which offers brow waxing, tinting, and lamination.

For more information or to book an appointment, visit You can also find MesmerEyez on Facebook at @mesmereyezlashes and Instagram at @Mesmereyez.lashes.