Rocky Horror Returns

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Rocky Horror Returns

This time last year was a difficult time for live entertainment. No one knows this better than Genna Greene from the Absolute Studio Theater. Last year, Genna had acquired the license to put on a production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with an outdoor show and smaller indoor show, as well as plans to do a Christmas play and holiday market. Unfortunately, COVID restrictions reduced attendance for the outdoor show, forced her to cancel her indoor show and her Christmas play, and her holiday market had to be done virtually.

This year, with eased restrictions and vaccines being available, Genna is able to have live shows this year. She has two showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: one on October 23rd at 9:00 PM and the other on October 30th at 11:45PM. Both shows will feature a live band and a variety of numbers beforehand. With this being a shadow cast production, performers will be singing along with the movie. Given Absolute Studio Theater’s intimate setting, this production will provide attendees a classic viewing experience of the cult favorite.

“Purchasing a ticket doesn’t just support the Theater, it also supports the cast and crew who help make these magical experiences happen,” Genna said when asked about the upcoming shows. “We’ve been looking forward to bringing back this show since we were unable to do a full run last year. And there are a lot of fun extras we’re throwing in to make sure everyone has an amazing time!”

Tickets for Absolute Studio Theater’s run of The Rocky Horror Picture Show are $35 a piece and can be purchased online through Eventbrite (see below for URLs). For safety reasons, no outside props will be allowed for either show. Instead, props will be provided and other COVID compliance policies will be enforced.

Oct. 23: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast Production

Oct. 30: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Midnight Special Performance