Butchertown Brewing Set to Open

Andy Cobb from Butchertown Brewing

Butchertown Brewing Set to Open

Louisville’s beer scene will soon be welcoming its newest member with the eminent grand opening of Butchertown Brewing. A part-time passion project for Andy Cobb, who operates two other companies, Butchertown Brewing makes the brews its sole focus.

"You’re not going to go to my place and watch the game or anything. It’s going to be about the beer."

Andy’s passion for beer spans decades. He first started with homebrewing back in 1994. Over time, he experimented with different styles of beer. Andy also connected with other beer aficionados to share information, recipes, and their enthusiasm for the sudsy goodness. He was even given the title of “Louisville Beer Mayor” by his fellow members of the Louisville Beer Snobs Facebook group.

Amongst his fellow brewers, Andy is best known for his stouts. He has particular fondness for bourbon barrel aged stouts. As such, it has always irked him to see how few Kentucky-based breweries capitalize on the opportunity available to them.

Building frame for bar
Phase 2 building bar with plywood
Finished bar

"We’re in bourbon country, and I love barrel aged beers. It upset me that there were all these breweries from outside of Kentucky getting all these bourbon barrels and putting beer in them, putting great beer in them, making great beer, and we go and buy that beer. I’d like to see more Louisville breweries do that, so that’s going to be one of my main focuses: barrel aged beers."

Besides its focus on bourbon barrel beers, another aspect which will set Butchertown Brewing apart from other Louisville breweries will be its invite only membership. Members will have a 1 – 2 week window of time for first pick of the bourbon barrel aged stouts. Afterwards, these stouts will be available to the public at large. Andy plans to brew up other styles as well. Each month, Butchertown Brewing will offer two other types of beers, which will be available to members and non-members alike upon release, no member-exclusive purchasing period.

Once open, Butchertown Brewing will have monthly tastings to allow people to sample Andy’s small batch craft beers. Sessions will run around 45 minutes with groups of 20 – 25 people. All purchases, including beer, will be done through Butchertown Brewing’s website at butchertownbrewingco.com. To keep up with the latest news and announcements from Butchertown Brewing, be sure to check out their Facebook or Instagram pages.