Business Spotlight: In Deep and Live Podcast

In Deep and Live: Michael Logsdon in studio

Business Spotlight: In Deep and Live Podcast

For musicians and music lovers of all stripes, music is deeply tied to the core of who they are. Michael Logsdon is no exception. “Music is what I am.” Michael’s musical journey spans decades and he’s done a bit of everything.

Michael grew up in Bullitt County. As a teenager, he wrote music articles for a small local paper. It wasn’t long until he dove into the music scene running a mobile DJ service, Classic Soundwave, which provided music for private events. Michael would eventually end his DJ business and start playing in bands. Performing locally and regionally, Michael has been in many bands over the years and is still actively playing several. Because of this, he developed a passion for and interest in local and regional music which he maintains to this day.

In 2013, Michael and a partner opened Lettersong Studio, a fulltime calligraphy studio, art gallery, music venue, and event space. As a music venue, Lettersong provided local and touring regional musicians a place to showcase their music. It was during this time that Michael started two annual music events: “Lady Sings the Blues” and “Prine Time.” He was also recruited by WCHQ Crescent Hill Radio to host radio shows on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Unfortunately, 2019 saw the close of Crescent Hill Radio and 2020 the close of Lettersong. Michael hasn’t sat idly by, even amidst the pandemic. To counter these setbacks to the local music scene, Michael decided to launch a podcast.

Borrowing from his time at Crescent Hill Radio, Michael’s new weekly podcast, “In Deep and Live,” will feature interviews and live performances by local and regional artists. Currently, his podcasts are prerecorded audio only. Michael’s goal is to progress to live streaming and incorporating video, eventually becoming an internet radio station, essentially resurrecting Crescent Hill Radio. You can find “In Deep and Live” on Anchor/Spotify. Additionally, you can catch snippets and links to whole shows on the In Deep and Live” Facebook page.

To conclude his spotlight, it’s only fitting to end it with Michael’s sign off: “Friends, folks, family life is fleeting. Enjoy the music, see you next week.”