Business Spotlight: Dead Sled Leather Co.

Jonathan from Dead Sled

Business Spotlight: Dead Sled Leather Co.

Ever seen a hearse in the Mellwood Art Center parking lot? It likely belongs to Dead Sled Leather Co. owner, Jonathon Baker. A paramedic for Jeffersontown by day, he is no stranger to the macabre. In fact, his curiosity for the gruesome is the inspiration for his brand. But don’t let the headstone keychain scare you, Jonathan is a skilled artisan in leather goods.

Dead Sled: Barbour Bags

Jonathan crafts a variety of products including belts, wallets, barbour bags, and even gear for firefighters and other paramedics. He wants his customers to know where their stuff comes from and that it’s going to last “‘till your last ride”.

Dead Sled: First Responder Gear

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