Artist Spotlight: Uhma Janus

Artist Spotlight: Uhma Janus

Uhma Janus: 2 paintings

Just as any journey begins with one step, Uhma Janus’ art journey began with one line eight years ago. Feeling the pangs to engage with her creativity, she pulled out some paper and acrylic ink she had bought on a whim and painted a line. And then another. And then another. She kept adding more lines over several evenings until she had completed her work. In doing so, she discovered something therapeutic and meditative in this process; something that grounded her in the moment and enabled her to engage with her emotions in their purest forms.

As she progressed in her art, her study of the sciences, and her career as a nurse, Uhma began to combine the scientific and artistic as she began to create art exploring the essence of life and consciousness. While her art is still experimental and abstract, it drifted from the patterns and fractals that had come to typify her work to include representations of everything from cells to whole societies. During this time, she also started experimenting with acrylic and oil paints.

Uhma Janus: 3 paintings

Ever the scientist artist, Uhma continues to experiment with new media and subjects. Some of her more recent work using graphite and colored pencils combine faces and geometry to explore emotions and personality traits. To see more of her work, you can visit her new site at