Artist Spotlight: No She Dint

Meagan Winters

Artist Spotlight: No She Dint

“I’ve never not written.” Meagan took to writing like a fish to water; she quickly developed a love for it. Early in her childhood, Meagan kept a journal. But as she grew up, Meagan gravitated towards creative writing. Meagan also had a passion for singing from a young age. In high school, Meagan went to YPAS (Youth Performing Arts School) at DuPont Manual; she loved the stage and musical theater. Despite this, she knew she didn’t want to become an actor – the courtroom was the stage she wanted to be on. After graduating from college, law school, and passing the bar, Meagan became a litigation attorney.

Like an actor memorizes lines, she memorized cases. And much like the theater, the courtroom played out scenes ranging from comedy to bitter tragedy. Good lawyers need to be good writers, especially when dealing with contracts. Meagan appreciated this aspect; it allowed her to use the writing skills she had dedicated so much time to honing. During this time, Meagan got married and started a family. As she got further into her career and family life demanded more of her attention, she felt she had to focus on her career and motherhood; she drifted away from creative writing and singing.

After practicing law for seven years, Meagan acquired a disability, leaving her unable to continue as an attorney. Meagan knew it was time to get reconnect to her creative outlets. She tried to do so from home at first, but she couldn’t find the peace and quiet she needed to work. Meagan needed a place outside the home for her projects, which brought her to Mellwood.

While in her studio here, Meagan writes songs, as well as love stories and children’s stories. She also practices ukulele, piano, and guitar. Through her writing and playing, Meagan not only reconnects with long-held passions, but she also finds catharsis and healing. While she hopes to put her work out there, she has no desire to give up her anonymity. As such, she hopes to publish any writing under a pen name and find someone who’s interested in performing and recording her songs. To see some of Meagan’s work, you can find her on Instagram at @noshedint.