Danny Mac’s: Surviving COVID-19

Danny Mac’s: Surviving COVID-19

Danny Mac’s: Surviving COVID-19

At this point, many of our readers are well aware of the struggles facing small businesses resulting from COVID-19. For many, the best case scenario is remaining open with an unclear future looming ahead, while others have been forced into closing their businesses for good. One of our tenants, Danny Mac of Danny Mac’s Pizza, finds himself among those able to stay open since the outbreak of the pandemic.

“We’re service people and we’re trying to make the best of the situation. The first three weeks really made us nervous. We didn’ t know what was going to happen, if we were going to be shut down. We were prepared to do anything we had to do to survive.”

In the 14 years Danny Mac’s Pizza has been in business, he has faced nothing like COVID-19 before. With such an unprecedented health crisis, Danny saw the need to adapt his business in order to keep going. “It’s just a totally different situation. We were probably 95% dine-in and we had to modify things, like add curbside service and we modified our operations on carryout. We added a bar right at our front door so nobody has to touch any knobs or come in the building.”

Remaining open and ensuring the safety of his staff and customers has come with some frustrations. Suppliers running out of goods and price hikes has meant that Danny had to adjust his menu in order to cope, something he did reluctantly. But to Danny, it is all worth it when he sees his smiling customers. Despite the challenges and frustrations posed by the pandemic, Danny Mac feels blessed to be able to stay open and that his business has seen healthy sales. He credits much of this success to the words of praise he and his business have received from his customers regarding not only the quality of the food and the friendly demeanor of his staff, but also the precautions he and his staff have taken to keep everyone safe.

When asked for advice he would share with other small business owners, Danny encourages owners to be creative.

“You definitely have to think outside the box. There’s a lot of changes we have to deal with. Just continue to think of different ways to sell.”

If you are looking for some of the best pizza in town, Danny Mac’s Pizza is sure to satisfy. You can find them online at www.dannymacspizza.com or call (502) 890-6331 to place a to go order.

Photos courtesy of Danny Mac’s Pizza