Artist Spotlight: Brennen Cabrera

Artist Spotlight: Brennen Cabrera

For mixed medium artist Brennen Cabrera, there has always been a pull towards the darker aspects of life, particularly mental health and the human condition. Working predominantly in oils and acrylics, he explores the everyday horrors of depression, anxiety, and other struggles in his transgressive abstract expressionist styling.

Brennen Cabrera with Painting

For this self-taught artist, painting is how he comes to understand himself and others. In his first show, his work revolved around his personal struggles and inner turmoil. With his upcoming show in our Pigment Gallery, Brennen shifted his focus to the passion, pain, and anxiety of a quiet, intimate friendship as presented from both sides. Following this show, Brennen plans to shift his focus and examine society at large.

Brennen Cabrera: Picture of Painting

To see more of his work, you can find him on Facebook at Brennen Cabrera Art, on Instagram at @brennencabreraart, or view his website at

Brennen Cabrera: Message
Brennen Cabrera Painting