The DaVinci Room (E4)

The DaVinci room is currently being built!  We are now booking this space for events from June 2019 and beyond.  The new space will be similar to the Van Gogh Room (E3). It will include a VIP area, stage, front facing patio and indoor/outdoor bar. For very large events, the DaVinci room and the Van Gogh room can be connected.

**Photos are architectural mock-ups, and may not be representative of the finished space.**

$5,995 Rental Fee
$1500 Damage Deposit
180 Round Tables (60″)
30 Buffet Tables (6’x30″)
1500 Chairs
Spacious patio (large enough for ceremonies)
Private Kitchen
Bridal Suite
Direct Drop-off Area
Storage Area
Built-In Stage